Herbal Cough Drops
You will find even your children will enjoy sucking on them!

Directions: Place powdered herbs (recipe below) in a bowl and
moisten with enough water and honey (or maple syrup, vegetable
glycerine, etc) to make a sticky paste.

Add a tiny drop of essential oil, such as peppermint to the mixture
and mix in well. Too much essential oil will ruin the recipe, so be

Thicken this with additional slippery elm bark or comfrey root
powder. Add additional herbs to form into nice smooth ball kind of
like bread dough.

Roll into small round balls the size of pills. You can roll them
again in slippery elm bark powder or carob powder for a nice finish.

Place your pills on a cookie sheet and dry them in a very low oven
(even just having the pilot light on will work) for several hours.
You could also leave them in the sun for a day if you don't have a
problem with animals and bugs. If you choose not to dry them you
will need to store the pills in the refrigerator.
Throat Balls:

These are excellent for sore and/or strep. throats
1 part licorice, 1 part comfrey root powder, 1 part slippery elm
powder, 1/2 part echinacea powder. 1/8th part goldenseal powder

Adjust flavors to suit you!
If you're on a high-protein diet your need for B6 increases! Onions, garlic, radishes, and leeks all contain a natural antibiotic called allicin, which can destroy disease germs without sweeping away the friendly bacteria in the process!
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